Play time

 Woe is me. I play the disconsolate bride, awaiting players on the steps of a North Beach church, in one of my regular (and favorite!) roles in the Go Game. (San Francisco, May 2004)


Plotting public intervention, Wizard-of-Oz (WOz) style. Intel researchers conspire while I take notes for John Ashcroft.  This is part of the PlaceStorming research event I planned and ran with design ethnographer Ken Anderson. (Portland, March 2004)


Bang! Bang! Kapow! Boom! Woo hoo! I am playing Halo in the general warm-up session for a National Electronic Gaming League (NEGL) XBox Tournament. (San Francisco, April 2004)

Ludologists gone wild. Ian Bogost, Gonzalo Frasca, Aki Järvinen& I party like Game Developers @ GDC. (San Jose, March 2004)


Locative ouching. Monica, Jessica and I conduct 7 place storming missions @ Performance Studies international and escape with a few duct-tape scratches. (Providence, April 2005)


All systems ready! Location scouting in the rain for a top-secret I Love Bees mission. (Berkeley, October 2004)


Preparing to improvise on a guitar rhythm game at a Shinjuku Arcade.  (Tokyo, May 2004)


Tra la la... Singing in the Organum Game debut demonstration at the Berkeley Institute of Design Open House, entirely off key of course. (May 2004)


Hit me! I'm a live human target in Mission Dolores Park for the Go Game. (June 2004)


Photos from Node Runner UbiComp, a.k.a Node Runner World Championship 2003. We are team B, hence the all-important secret "B" sign I am making in each photo.  Team B emerged victorious, largely due to the excessive baked goods consumption of myself and Matthew Chalmers , supercool ubicomp researcher from the University of Glascow (middle photo).  Together, Matthew Chalmers and I are Node Runner World Champions of 2003! (Seattle, October 2003)