Call them collaborators, mentors, cohorts, partners-in-crime or allies (or all of the above), these are people whose theories and creative practices inspire, inform, and (when I am fortunate) cross paths with my own.

Find out who my co-conspirators are in:

Ongoing, active collaborations

Ongoing dialogues and research allies

Past collaborations of note

Great minds thinking alike




Preparing secret documents for co-conspirators in a Go Game (October 2003).



Ongoing, active collaborations

Kiyash Monsef (Filmmaker)

Elan Lee (Game designer, puppetmaster)

Sean Stewart (Science fiction author, puppetmaster)

Jim Stewartson (Tech guru, puppetmaster)

Ian Fraser (Co-Founder, the Go Game)

Finnegan Kelly (Co-Founder, the Go Game)

Greg Niemeyer (New media artist, Professor of Art Practice & New Media)

Ken Goldberg (New media artist, Professor of Engineering & Computer Science)

Ken Anderson (Anthropologist with Intel Research)


Ongoing dialogues and research allies (stay tuned for future collaborations...)

Kristen Rutherford (actress, gourmet, rampant AI and sleeping princess)

Katherine Isbister (Social interface designer)

Henry Lowood (Curator/Archivist, Professor of Technology)

Ian Bogost (Games researcher, designer)

Paul Holman (Cypherpunk, schmoo geek, Robot designer)

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (New media theorist)

Bill Wasik (Writer, devious mastermind)

David Peat (Physicist, Author, Artist)

Yuri Gitman (Wireless artist)

Eric Paulos (Research scientist)

Jon Phillips (Open source developer and artist)

Alexander and Ann Shulgin (Authors, psychonauts)

Martin Ericsson (Live Action Role Playing producer)

Montana Miller (Ethnographer, Aerialist)

Kelly McGonigal (Dancer, Healer)

Siobhan Thomas (Games in education researcher)

Ken Sanderson (Professor of Literature, Free Speech Movement vet)

Remco LaRiviere (Games writer, event planner)

Laura Levin (Theater director, Performance theorist)

Gonzalo Frasca (Ludologist, games designer)

Richard Doyle (Psychonaut, Professor of Rhetoric and Philosophy of Science)

Ren Bucholz (Digital activist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Richard Rinehart (New media artist, archivist, and curator)

Mark Sandberg (Professor of Film Studies & Scandinavian Studies)

Leonard Cassuto (Professor of English Literature and Disability Studies)

Tim Lenoir (Professor of History & Philosophy of Science)

Casey Alt (New media theorist)

Eddan Katz (Digital rights activist with the Samuelson Clinic)

Mary Flanagan (New media artist, Professor of Digital Arts)


Past collaborations of note

Dezhen Song (Industrial engineering researcher)

Justine Lambert (Theater director and producer)

Kenneth Nowell (Composer)

Colin McCormick (Physicist)

Holly Samee (Web producer)


Great minds thinking alike

Coming soon.