Feel free to invite me to talk, play, or consult! Or contact my speaker's agency, the Leigh Bureau.


Coming Up: I will be here...   


02.15.07 Lecture for the Virtual Worlds session of the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Francisco. Theme: "The Scientific Culture of Alternate Reality Gaming"


03.02.07 Puppet mastering live Cruel 2 B Kind game in San Francisco. Sign up to play here!


03.03.07 Discussing "Alternate Reality Games from the Future" for ARGFest-o-Con 07, alternate reality gaming fan convention.


03.05.07 Panelist for Day 1 of the Serious Game Summit at the 2007 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco Topic: "Erasing The Delta: Creating Games Where There is No Gap Between the Play and the Reality."


03.06.07 Keynote talk for the Serious Game Summit at the 2007 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Topic: "The Future of Collective Play."


03.09.07 Design track talk at the 2007 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Topic: "The Game Studies Download: Top 10 Research Findings"


03.16.07 Public lecture at MIT Media Lab. Topic: Supergaming! The Future of Collective Play.


03.27.07 Keynote talk at Etech Conference in San Diego. Topic: Creating Alternate Realities.


03.28.07 Running Werewolf at ETech. Come play with us!


(Where was I in days gone by?)














In days gone by...

12.01.06 Keynote talk at NEXT 2006 (Nordic Exceptional Trendshop) in Copenhagen. Topic: "This Might Be a Game: Welcome to the Age of Ubiquitous Play and Performance"


11.12.06-12.03.06 Design research in Hong Kong and New Delhi


11.30.06 Public lecture at the Center for Computer Games Research at the IT University of Copenhagen. Topic: "Design for Ubiquitous Play in the Everyday"


09.26.06-09.2.06 MIT Emerging Technologies Conference


09.23.06 World Premiere of Cruel 2 B Kind at the Come Out and Play Festival in New York City (Times Square)


09.09.06 Cruel 2 B Kind playtest #2 in San Francisco (Mission Dolores Park)


09.02.06 Cruel 2 B Kind playtest #1 in San Francisco (Mission Dolores Park)


08.25.06-08.27.06 Organizing Werewolf games and the second annual Reverse Scavenger Hunt at Foo Camp


08.09.06 World premiere of Bounce at ISEA 2006


05.04.06 Orchestrating a good experience for GEL (Good Experience Live) 2006. (New York City)


3.24.06 Delivering The Game Studies Download: Top 10 Research Findings with Ian Bogost and Mia Consalvo for the Game Design track at the Game Developers Conference 2006 (San Jose)


3.11.06 Speaking on the Global and Local play panel at SXSW Interactive (Austin)


1.30.06 Launching The Latchkey Projects's second series of adventure jewelry keys and search kits.


1.28.06 Presenting pervasive gaming design notes for CreativeLab's Concepting Workshop on Pervasive Multi-User Applications (Oulu, Finland)


1.24.06 Presenting the lecture "The Puppet Master Problem: Why Make Pervasive Games?" for the Games and Storytelling Everywhere lecture series (Helsinki)


1.21.06 Performing small favors in the Assistens Kirkegaard (Graveyard).


1.20.06 - 1.29.06 Cookie rolling in Copenhagen ("of"), Malmo ("a'), Helsinki ("mountain,") and Oulu ("whence").


1.13.06 Running the first ever Zombie Village playtest, a Mafia-Werewolf style game designed with a scoring system to facilitate tournament play and information market research.


11.19.05 Hosting Graveyard Games LOS ANGELES (cemetery TBD)


11.12.05 Hosting Graveyard Games ATLANTA (cemetery TBD)


11.05.05 Hosting Graveyard Games NEW YORK CITY (cemetery TBD)


10.29.05 Hosting Graveyard Games KANSAS CITY (Historic Elmwood Cemetery)


10.27.05 Presenting the design-track lecture "Alternate Reality Gaming: Experimental Social Structures for MMOs" at the Austin Game Conference (Austin)08.19.05 - 08.21.05 Playing and thinking out loud at Foo Camp 2005.


10.22.05 Hosting Graveyard Games WASHINGTON, DC (Historic Congressional Cemetery)


10.15.05 Hosting Graveyard Games SAN FRANCISCO. (Italian Cemetery)


07.22.05 Presenting the first annual invited lecture, "There Is No Such Thing as an Alternate Reality Game," at ARGfest 2005 (New York City).


07.19.05 - 07.20.05 Participating in a collaborative research workshop at National Sandia Research Laboratory (Albuquerque).


06.21.05 Presenting the spotlight talk, "Social Software for Massively Collaborative Gameplay," for the Connected Play panel at Supernova 2005 (San Francisco).


06.16.05 - 06.20.05 Presenting a long paper on SuperGaming/I Love Bees and co-facilitating the "Perform or Else: Extroverted Gaming" workshop with Katherine Isbister and Henry Lowood @ the 2005 Digital Games Research Association conference; and exhibiting Organum at the PoV games festival (Vancouver)


06.06.05 Accepting, with the 42 team, the 2005 Webby Award for Games-related site @ the 2005 Webby Awards Ceremony. (New York City)


05.23.05 Invited seminar ("Puppetmasters and Performances") and evening workshop ("Confessions of a flash mob organizer") at the art-technology Humlab. (Umea, Sweden)


05.20.05 Keynote talk for Playful: "The State of the Avant Game", followed by a Katamari Damacy tournament @ Filmtheater ít Hoogt (Utrecht, the Netherlands)


05.17.05 Invited panelist @ E3's Education Arcade (Los Angeles)


05.05.05 Colloquium talk: "Down the rabbit-hole" for the Center for New Media's groundbreaking (UC Berkeley)


04.28.05 Invited lecture: "SuperGaming!"  for the Palo Alto Research Center Forum (Palo Alto)


04.27.05 Invited panelist: "I Love Bees: A Buzz Story" for the Word of Mouth Marketing panel at AD:TECH 2005 (San Francisco)


04.23.05 Organum exhibition/game event and public talk: "Extroverted Play: Design for Performance Gaming" @ New Langton Arts Gallery (San Francisco)


04.01.05 Pervasive gaming workshop: "Place Storming: A No Rights Reserved Adventure into the Public Performance Domain"  @ Performance Studies international (Downtown Providence)


04.02.05 Conference talk for the Performance in Public Spaces panel: "Notes toward a more pervasive cyberdramaturgy" @ Performance Studies international (Brown University)


03.14.05 Public lecture: "Why I Love Bees: A Ludic Worldview"  for the Art & Technology Colloquium @ UC Berkeley

03.10.05 Invited talk: "Massively experimental: the I Love Bees project" for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at the Game Developers Conference (San Francisco)

03.09.05 2005 Game Developers Choice Awards, where the design team for I Love Bees will accept the Innovation Award (YAY!) (San Francisco)


03.03.05 Live game event: "The Wi-Fi Bedouin/PlaceStorming Adventure" with Julian Bleecker @ the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (interesting: the museum's web site describes the game as "new media guerilla activity." Hmmm...!) (Los Angeles)


02.28.05 Guest lecture @ Art Center College of Design: "Design for SuperGaming" for Peter Lunenfeld's Design Dialogues series (Los Angeles)


02.23.05 Invited lecture: "SuperGaming! Ludic Networking & Massively Collaborative Play" for the Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (Palo Alto)

01.26.05 Screening "G@M3RS" @ the Pacific Film Archive (7:30 PM) followed by a reception & lan party at gLAB

11.16.04 Guest lecture @ MIT : "Smart mobs, collective intelligence and alternate reality gaming" for Henry Jenkin's graduate seminar in digital culture (tele-lecture from Berkeley)


11.04.04 Presenting "Alternate Reality Gaming: Life Imitates ARG" for the Board of Directors of the MacArthur Foundation (San Francisco)


11.20.04 Game Overture II Pinball Tournament (New York City) (I made it to the final 8!)

[07.04 - 11.04 PUPPETMASTERING! Therefore, I mostly disappeared off the face of the earth for four months.]

10.23.04 GO GAME Move On Fundraiser, San Francisco

07.16.04 Giving a brief talk on urban pervasive play at the Urban Computing Happening at Intel Research Lab @ Berkeley.

07.08.04 - 07.09.04 Co-facilitating game design session for the Hewlett and MacArthur Foundations Games and Learning Workshop, Hewlett Foundation @ Menlo Park

06.21.04 - 06.28.04 Developing "PlaceStormers" ubiquitous play project at the Vectors Summer Fellowship Residency at USC

06.18.04 Presenting "Dark Play in Public Spaces" at Performance Studies International #10 in Singapore.


05.28.04 Presenting "Tools of Engagement: Design for Tele-Play" at The Millennium Dialogue/International New Media Arts Symposium in Beijing.


06.02.04 Top secret project research in Shanghai!


05.25.04 Scouting pervasive play in Tokyo!


05.26.04 Organum project exhibition at The Millennium Art Museum in Beijing.


05.14.04 Organum: The Game v 1.0 demonstration at Berkeley Institute of Design Open House


05.19.04 Guest lecturer for the Critical New Media Studies working group at Stanford University.


05.11.04 GO GAME San Francisco (North Beach)


05.08.04 GO GAME Berkeley


05.06.04 GO GAME San Francisco (Downtown)


04.22.04 Presenting "Suspension of Belief: Performance in Pervasive Play" at the N@rrative conference for the University of California Digital Culture Project at UCLA.

04.14.04 Presenting my Ph.D. qualifying lecture "Play or Else: A Performance Studies Approach to Ubiquitous Gaming" at the University of California at Berkeley.

04.02.04 Tele-Twister Live Trial #16 (Final Tele-Twister game of the season!)


04.03.04 Flash mob Supercomputing at University of San Francisco


04.04.04 Presenting "Avant Game: Flexible structures of engagement in site-specific play" at 040404, a University of California Digital Arts Research Network colloquium.


03.21.04 - 03.26.04 Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2004


03.22.04 and 03.24.04 "Technophiles" episode of SPARK on Bay Area KQED 9 (PBS) (Wednesday 7:30 PM/Friday 11 PM).

03.13.04 GO GAME San Francisco (Haight Street)

03.06.04 GO GAME San Francisco (North Beach)

03.01.04 Leading "PlaceStorming" play (design research) workshop for Intel in Portland.

02.23.04 Massively Multiplayer GO GAME (700+ players!) San Jose

02.13.04 Tele-Twister Live Trial #15

02.06.04 Story Engines: A Public Program on Storytelling and Computer Games, Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University.  Presenting: "The Runaway Game: Spectacle and Performance in Public Play."

02.04.04 Leading the GO GAME Performance Workshop for Plants. (San Francisco)

02.26.04 Tech TV San Francisco for filming of XPlay segment on G4M3RS: A Documentary.

01.23.04 Live Tele-Twister Trial #14

01.16.04 Live Tele-Twister Trial #13

01.07.04 GO GAME New York City

12.12.03 Tele-Twister Trial #12

12.05.03 Tele-Twister Trial #11

11.21.03 - 11.23.03 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Theater Research, Durham, North Carolina.  Presenting "A Lost Cause: Archiving Digital Performance" for the Technology & Performance seminar.

11.21.03 Tele-Twister Live Trial #10 (being filmed for PBS-Television: KQED)

11.20.03 GO GAME Palo Alto

11.18.03 GO GAME Santa Rose

11.14.03 Tele-Twister Live Trial #9

11.13.03 GO GAME San Francisco

11.04.03 - 11.07.03 1st International Conference for the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), Utrecht, the Netherlands.  Presenting "A Real Little Game: The Pinocchio Effect in Pervasive Gaming" on the Pervasive Gaming panel.

10.30.03 Organum: The Film World Premiere at the Pacific Film Archive, promoting the forthcoming Organum game.

10.28.03 GO GAME Downtown San Francisco

10.24.03 Tele-Twister Trial LIVE #8

10.23.03 Dorkbots San Francisco.  Co-presenting "Collaborative Tele-Experiences: Tele-Actor, Co-Opticon and Tele-Twister" with Ken Goldberg, Dez Song, In Yong Song, and Wayne Zheng.

10.18.03 GO GAME Half Moon Bay

10.12.03 - 10.15.03 UbiComp 2003, Seattle.  Demonstrating Responsive Doors, an art installation by Greg Niemeyer, and presenting the "Be Responsive" challenge and "The Curious Inteface: A Design Manifesto in Favor of Play."

10.3.03 Tele-Twister Live Trial #6 Noon - 1 PM

10.4.03 GO GAME San Francisco, North Beach

9.26.03 Tele-Twister Live Trial #5 Noon - 1 PM

9.23.03 GO GAME San Francisco, Mission District

9.21.03 GO GAME San Francisco, Mission District.

9.19.03 Tele-Twister Live Trial #4

9.12.03  Tele-Twister Live Trial #3

9.9.03 - 9.10.03 "The  Meaning of Place" Colloquium, Intel Research Lab at Hillsboro, Oregon.  Co-facilitating the Entertainment and Play workshop.

9.10.03 San Francisco Flash Mob #4

9.5.03 Tele-Twister Live Event #4 at 2 PM

9.4.03 GO GAME San Francisco, California, North Beach

8.28.03  Tele-Twister Live Event #3 at 3 PM

8.21.03 Tele-Twister Live Event #2 at 4:30 PM

8.21.03 GO GAME San Francisco, California, Mission District

8.20.03 San Francisco Flash Mob #3

8.16.03 GO GAME Santa Cruz, California

8.15.03 Tele-Twister Live Event #1

8.9.03 San Francisco Flash Mob #2, Mission Dolores Park

8.8.03 GO GAME Stockton, California