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My talk at the 2007 Emerging Technologies Conference in San Diego was titled "Creating Alternate Realities" This talk explored what the new game designers know about improving everyday quality of life, and how non-gaming companies can become a part of the solution. Alternate reality game designers are solving problems that other technology companies have yet to discover. Cutting-edge collaborative, reality-based games are addressing a whole new set of social needs and personal desires, individual challenges, and collective wants. But games are not the only way to meet these needs and desires. I suggested how other technology products, services, and brands can capitalize on the key signal - a desire for a life more worth living - that is coming out of the most innovative game genres.

You can view my slides from for the talk via Slide Share at: Creating Alternate Realities.*

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The talk focused on the following future forecast (circa 2012):

I also made the following call to action:

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*This presentation is copyright of the author, Jane McGonigal, 2007