Below, my favorite games of all time, and favorite game memories. (Also: play time photos!  )


We play "mafia monopoly," a home-grown mod of Monopoly based on the theme: "In vino, veritas."

When not playing, must be learning...


Favorite places to learn about and discuss games:


Digital Games Research Association

Game Girl Advance

Game Studies

Grand Text Auto


Reality Panic


Watercooler Games


ESPECIALLY immersive, collective and alternate reality stuff:

Alternate Reality Gaming Network



The Beast (Viral/Immersive)

The Go Game (Pervasive)

Witch Hunt, a.k.a Mafia and Werewolves (Party/Social)

"The Killer is Coming" (Playground)The children back the little girl into a corner with their mock taunts...





NICE TSUKKOMI, Drum mania, Para Para Paradise (Japanese Arcade performance games)


Tele-Twister (Massively Collaborative)

Rock Paper Scissors, Tournament Style

Grim Fandango, The Pandora Directive (PC)

Rez (PS2)


7-Up (Classroom game)

Dealer McDope, Alien Autopsy (Board games)

alien_autopsy1.gif (64742 bytes)









Tass Times in Tonetown (Apple IIGS)

Lode Runner, Castle Wolfenstein (Commodore 64)


Enduro, Jungle Hunt, Journey Escape (Atari 2600)

Enduro - Screenshot  Jungle Hunt - Screenshot

Journey Escape - Screenshot

Set, Spit (Card games)

Spit layout

Q-Bert, Ms. Pac-Man (Classic Arcade)